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In kinesiology we focus on finding and removing the cause of the problem rather than treating just the symptoms.

I like to use the analogy that if you have mould on a wall in your house, spraying it with harsh chemicals will make the mould appear to vanish. But if you don't inspect the roof, guttering etc and fix the source of the damp, the mould will reappear next time it rains. So with a condition like eczema for example, I would not be giving you any creams etc to put on your skin. I would be looking for the particular food that is compromising your immune system and so weakening our first protective layer i.e. our skin.

Stress also plays a huge roll in autoimmune conditions as it weakens our immune greatly. So challenging events in our lives such as loss, divorce, moving house, exams etc can often be the starting point for an autoimmune condition. I see this time and again in the clinic, where the onset of symptoms often correlates with a difficult period in people's lives. I have learned several ways to help people's bodies cope more easily with stress, but Bach Flower Remedies is usually where I start. The wonderful thing about kinesiology is that I can test the individual remedies, to see which would be most beneficial to the client rather than just guessing.

Energy work is also part of the treatment and this involves the meridian pathways that are used in eastern medical practices such as acupuncture, but without the needles.

I also test the whether the lymphatic system in the relevant area of the body is flowing well and functioning as it should. The lymph is a liquid which cleans every cell in our bodies and carries away toxins to be processed harmlessly elsewhere. If the lymph points are painful, then gentle massage normally relieves the blockage and normal service can be resumed, so that every cell in that particular area get thoroughly cleaned and can then function at it's best.

Supplements play a huge part in the treatment of any condition and I test these against the different systems in the body to see which are going to be most beneficial. It's very important to note at this point that the supplements don't behave in the way medicinal drugs do - they are not given to suppress symptoms. When I test a supplement on the body I am asking it a very specific question, which is "is this what you need in order to heal yourself?" You may ask what is the difference? The first scenario is not actually resolving the problem, for example patients with thyroid issues are usually given the drug thyroxine. This drug controls the symptoms of the thyroid imbalance for life, but doesn't 'fix' the underlying problem. By asking the body what it is lacking in order for the thyroid to work normally again, we begin to see the symptoms melt away over time and the decision to continue taking the thyroxine or not is entirely in yours and your doctors hands. But the difference is that the body has healed the thyroid using the supplements it was missing and over time will be able to cope without the need for even those. The same goes for all supplements, enzymes, amino acids, probiotics etc that I advise my clients to take...it is only on a short term basis to give the body what it needs to heal, then continue as normal. My aim is to have every client supplement and symptom free by the end of their time with me. The only exception is that I do advise my clients to take an omega oil and a B complex for life (only if their body wants them) as this provides such a huge array of health benefits and at cost of approximately £10 per month for the maintenance dose of 1 of each per day, it's economical too. I do keep a huge selection of supplements in stock, but your health is in your hands and the choice of whether to buy at a discounted price from me, source elsewhere or not to take them at all is entirely up to you.

Whatever symptoms my clients present with, my initial aim is to strengthen the immune system, so it will be strong enough to heal the problem itself. Firstly the digestive system must be working well to absorb the nutrients the whole body including the immune system need. It's vitally important for our gut flora to be well balanced in order to keep us healthy in general, so I'd be testing the need for probiotics and if so, which type at this stage. I then focus on the immune system by removing anything that maybe creating work for it, such as foods which it reacts to, stress, any underlying bacterial or viral infections, fungal overgrowth such as candida and parasites that have gone undetected and again, any necessary supplements such as vitamin c.

Every client is different, so some will come to me with one symptom which one visit is usually enough to solve. Others may come with a list of issues, most of which usually have the same cause, but will take a few sessions to address. Any of my past clients will tell you that I will go to great lengths to do as much as I possibly can in each session and the decision to return for more treatment is very much left up to them.

As you may have gathered by now, The Allergy Testing Clinic is a whole lot more than just allergy testing, so if you think you could benefit from a consultation, then please visit the booking page.