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"Thank you Deborah, for helping my mother Anne with her IBS symptoms which have blighted her life for many years. She has now been symptom-free for over three months – fantastic! I would warmly recommend Deborah's services."
Alison S. - East Grinstead, June 2020

"I came to see Deborah with a 8 year seasonal allergy, (Pompholyx hand and feet blisters). Within 10 minuets was dianosed with Celiac decease (total gluten intolerance). Went to see my Gp and asked for blood test to confirm this... Although this test proved to be negative I decided to cut the gluten out from my diet. Now the symptoms have gone, no burning or itching and no blisters. What is amazing is, if I have relented on GF diet in any small way the itching starts again. Thank you Deborah."
John S. - May 2020

"A huge thank you for restoring my health so significantly. You are a gifted natural healer, who always goes the extra professional mile with consistent warmth and generosity of spirit. Anyone who values their health should have Deborah Herbert, Kinesiologist, and her Allergy Testing Clinic on their speed Dial!"
Zoe - East Grinstead, December 2019

"I had been suffering IBS symptoms for over a year, then Deborah told me I was gluten intolerant, which was a bit overwhelming at first, but once she tested all the alternative flours and grains on me and told me what I could safely use, I found going gluten free quite straight forward and my symptoms have improved massively."
Theresa S. - Swanley, December 2019

"Deborah found that my 14 year old daughter’s eczema was due to lactose intolerance... It cleared within 3 days of avoiding cow’s milk. My daughter is thrilled as the rash in her neck was so visible and the creams I’d tried just hadn’t worked."
Leslie D. - East Grinstead, November 2019

"I went to see Debbie about four weeks ago now, after years of having some and feeling quite unwell at times, waking up with a tummy ache everyday. It has been a total breakthrough and I only wish I had done it sooner. I am sensitive to gluten/corn and totally intolerant to Rose wine. I have never felt better and I won't be eating them again!"
Caroline W. - East Grinstead, September 2019

"My daughter had been suffering with stomach cramps and bloating for a long time. Within a short time of testing her, Debbie identified that she was gluten sensitive, low in vitamin d and needed fish oils. This was in June. We are now at the end of August and the difference in weight, concentration and overall mood is amazing. Would highly recommend!"
Emma S. - Dormansland, August 2019

"I just wanted to let you know that after three weeks, I have been able to bend my toe joint with SO much less discomfort and there is definitely less inflammation around my knees and feet too. I still don’t understand how your wonderful treatment works but my goodness it does - my joints feel ten times better and my skin looks so much better too. A BIG thank you. Hoping to return to barrecore class in the next few weeks, as this was something I had to stop due it being ballet based and relying on being on my toes which had become impossible. Honestly it’s a game-changer and I am beyond greatful."
Kitty K. - London, July 2019

"After losing 5 stone pretty rapidly, I found that my weight loss completely stalled for several months. I was getting desperate, then a friend recommended Deborah and she discovered that I had a gluten intolerance and explained how this was upsetting my digestive system, so that I wasn’t absorbing properly. No gluten and one supplement for 3 weeks and I’ve lost 5 pounds. I’m so relieved to be back on the right track!"
Gill B. - Brentwood, March 2019

"It took about 10 minutes for Deborah to find that I had an issue with mushrooms, which finally explained the occasional unpleasant episodes I was having... so quick and simple. I will be recommending her to anyone wanting straight forward answers and sound advice."
Julie B. - Nutley, Feburary 2019